Joop Istha

Joop Istha (1933), designer, teacher. Istha belongs to the first generation of Dutch industrial designers who, after the Second World War, designed mass consumption products in which form and function are equally important. After having worked as an intern at Philips in the early 1950s, he occupied various positions at Van der Heem, where he designed radios, TVs and later on washing machines as well. He consequently provided many designs for numerous European manufacturers, particularly for electronic appliances, both household and technical devices. He created sleekly designed centrifuges, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, radios, TVs, shavers, drills and sawing machines, lamp fixtures and furniture.

The archive of Joop Istha is located at the Regional History Centre Eindhoven (Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven, RHCe).

Joop Istha
Louis Kalff Institute, Industrial Design Heritage Centre
Authors: Frederike Huygen and Kiko Luiten
Publisher: [Z]OO producties, ISBN: 978-90-74009-82-9