Teun Teunissen van Manen

Hendrik Teun Teunissen van Manen (1918), designer. Teunissen van Manen was born in Haarlem and attended the Institute for Applied Arts Education (IvKNO) in Amsterdam (1936-41) and weekend courses on industrial design at the Academy of Art in The Hague. He was a co-founder of the Stichting Nieuwe Wooncultuur (‘New Living Culture Foundation’) and Goed Wonen (‘Quality Living’), and from 1946 he worked as a graphic designer for Vrij Nederland (until 1950), International Textiles (1948-59), the Jaarbeurs and various exhibitions. During the ‘50s he designed for Mepal, cabinet manufacturer Van Wijk & Visser and publisher Contact. In 1957 he started working for weaving mill De Ploeg in Bergeyk where he was introduced by Coen de Vries. There he was the head of design matters and he was responsible for the house style as well as the fair presentations until 1970. He also provided printed matter for the furniture factory ‘t Spectrum, affiliated to De Ploeg. Teunissen van Manen received the Duwaer prize in 1964 for his work for De Ploeg and he was also active as a teacher at the Eindhoven Academy of Industrial Design (1960-1964), at schools in Düsseldorf (from 1969) and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (from 1978). Baer Cornet, who was deeply impressed by Teunissen van Manen’s work, started taking his courses. Teunissen van Manen was a member of the GKf (Association of Practitioners of Applied Arts) and the NIDf, but his efforts in these organisations occasionally led to internal conflicts in which the board had to step in as an arbitrator.

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