TEL Design

TEL Design, design agency in The Hague, established by Emile Truijen and Jan Lucassen in 1965. In an interview with Eger in 2005, Lucassen recalled: ‘From the beginning on, and when our only true competitor was Total Design, we wanted to cover all of the disciplines of design.’
Truijen studied interior architecture at the academy in The Hague and had also worked in the United States. Lucassen (1937) was educated at the Academy of Industrial Design where Truijen taught. He gained experience at DRU, Philips, Wagemans & Van Tuinen and De Sphinx. One of the larger assignments that was given to Tel was from the Belgian company Dumont-Wyckhuizen, consisting of all PR, printing, art fair stands, renovations, and the private home of the director. Tel Design became particularly well known for its elaborate new house style for the Dutch Railways (NS), including Gert Dumbar as a partner at the instigation of Siep Wijsenbeek. Together with Total Design, Tel also worked at the house style of the Dutch Postal Service (PTT). Lucassen started to work for himself in 1978 and he was the director of the Eindhoven Academy of Industrial Design from 1983 to 1998.

The Dutch version of this biography is taken from the book Visies op vormgeving, het Nederlandse ontwerpen in teksten deel 2: 1940-2000 (2008) by Frederike Huygen. The following sources have been used for this biography:
– Eger, A.O. ‘Frans van der Put’, Product (2005) May, pp. 9-13.